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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be in excellent physical shape?

No, our trips are not physically strenuous. There are opportunities for challenging activities, but you always have the option to do engage in activities at your own pace. You can decide what you want to do when you are there. What is more important is that you bring along a positive, adventurous spirit.

Do I need to tip the guides?

Our guides, both locally and traveling with us, work very hard to make sure your trip is the best travel experience you’ve ever had. Tips are meant to reward exceptional service, but they are not required. If you think your guides worked very hard to make your trip a success, a tip will be greatly appreciated.

What airlines to you travel with?

On our trips to Latin America and Scandinavia we fly Continental Airlines/United and to France and Japan, we fly Northwest Airlines/Delta. You are free to book your flight with any airline you choose, but it makes it easier if we fly and arrive together when possible.

How much cash should I bring?

For Latin America: $200 is a good amount for pocket money. It will be easiest for you if some of this is in small bills like 10s, 5s and singles. There will be ATMs along the way to get more cash in the local currency, but sometimes they are out of money. Check with your bank to make sure your debit card will work internationally.

For Europe and Asia: It is best to use your ATM card to get money in the local currency or you can also bring dollars to exchange for a fee. Check with your bank to make sure your debit card will work internationally.

Should I take Malaria medication?

Both Malaria and Dengue fever are present in some of the areas we travel to. There is no vaccination for Malaria, but there are some medications that help prevent getting sick. The medications do not work 100%. Please discuss these issues with your doctor to help with your decision. There is no drug or vaccination for Dengue fever.

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