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Birding Nicaragua

Beautiful land of tropical forests, volcanoes, rivers and lakes
Birding, hiking, surfing, wandering, exploring
Sandy beaches and oceans waves
Gallo pinto and Toña
Ring of Fire

We have two trips to Nicaragua each year. One trip is in late February and the other is in early November. Each trip is 15 days long.

The February, “Rain Forest to Cloud Forest” trip, travels to places that are more remote than the November trip. In February, the places we stay at are more isolated and we eat most of our meals at the lodges. All of the lodges have hiking trails. Overall, the February trip is more relaxed and covers less ground. The February trip is more focused on birds and nature compared to the November trip.

The November, “Rain Forest, Volcanoes and the Pacific” travels to the Granada area and other towns, so you will experience more culture and history. There is more hiking on this trip, but the hiking is easy and casual. We also take a bike tour and go surfing on this trip. The November trip is overall more physically active than the February trip.

On both trips you will see, learn and experience amazing things whether you are a birder, hiker or simply love nature and travel. On both trips we see birds, monkeys, horses, dogs, small mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects, fish, volcanoes, mountains, rivers, valleys, waterfalls, forests, boats and Nicaraguan culture, art and history.

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