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Birding Columbia
The Amazon & Brazil

Colombia is fascinating. From the deep blue Pacific Ocean to the crystal clear Caribbean Sea, from Andean mountain peaks rising over 16,000 feet and down to the Amazon Basin; Colombia is stunning and a true adventure to explore. This trip focuses on birding and wildlife.

This trip starts with a few days in Bogotá and then we head down to the Colombian & Brazilian Amazon and then back to areas outside the Bogotá Valley for the remainder of the trip. We will visit the world’s largest Paramo, with wondrous high altitude landscapes. There are over 1200 species of birds that travel through Colombia!

Highlights: 1) Cruising the muddy Amazonian rivers and lagoons in search of the Harpy Eagle and then taking a break to fish for Piranhas and then actually swimming in the same lagoon…really! 2) Sleeping in hammocks deep in the Amazonian rainforest with a campfire burning for light. 3) Walking the streets of Bogotá.

Printable Bird List
(This is a checklist of the birds that we have seen on this trip)

Travel Dates:
Please contact us for the current dates for this annual trip in January.

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Group Size:
8 Travelers plus guides

Trip Length:
15 days

Rate per Person = $3,350
(based on double occupancy)
Rate for Single = $3,850

Rates are:
Inclusive: One round trip domestic flight, domestic transfers, lodging, breakfast, lunch, dinner on days 2 - 14, schedule group tours, entrance fees & Access America Deluxe travel health insurance.

Exclusive: International airfare, customs & immigration fees, visas, meals on the first and last day, alcohol, personal expenses such as souvenirs and expenses relating to personal choices during free time, tips for guides.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Bogotá
Arrival in Bogotá; we will try and coordinate our flights to arrive in Bogotá together. Flights usually arrive in the evening, so we will head directly to the Hotel de la Opera for a relaxing evening. Hotel de la Opera is in the colonial part of the city called La Candelaria. It is the oldest and well preserved part of the city.

Day 2: Bogotá
We will spend the day exploring Bogotá. Bogotá has great museums and sights to see. The Museo del Oro (The Gold Museum), with over 34,000 pre-Hispanic pieces, is an amazing sight to see. We will have dinner in la via Calera over looking the city. Bogotá, and its 8 million residents, sits at about 7500 feet, the weather is almost always agreeable.

Day 3: Leticia
This day will begin our Amazonian leg of the trip. We will fly (2 hours approx) to Leticia, Colombia, which is a small town on the Amazon River where the borders of Colombia, Brazil and Peru meet. We will spend the day in Leticia.

Day 4: Palmari
From Leticia it is a wonderfully long and beautiful boat ride (3-4 hours) to Reserva Natural Palmari. We will travel a short time on the Amazon River and then head up the Rio Yavari. The Rio Yavari is the river that separates Brazil and Peru.

Day 5: Palmari
Located at the Reserva Natural Palmari is the Palmari Jungle Lodge. This is a remote and tranquil area, full of birds and natural wildlife. Harpy Eagles nest in this area, while pink dolphins surface in the river and yes, there are Piranhas here.

Day 6: Palmari
There is a lot to do at Palmari! Day 1 is a good day to explore the hiking trails looking for birds and go for a swim in the clear creek behind the lodge. 541 different species of birds have been seen at Palmari.

Day 7: Palmari
During our stay here we will have an opportunity to climb up on a Canopy Platform in a tree were Parrots sleep. They are so sweet to watch. If you are adventurous, you will have an opportunity to sleep in the tree will the parrots!! Incredible views of the Amazon from this spot.

Day 8: Leticia
Today we head back to Leticia and do a bit of bird searching and shopping there. We will stay again at the Hotel de la Selva (Hotel of the Jungle).

Day 9: Bogotá
Back in Bogotá we will be staying at the famous Platypus Hostel. This is a great place to meet other travelers and do a lot of story swapping.

Day 10: Chicaque
Just at the edge of the Bogotá, up in the cloud forest hills is beautiful Chicaque National Park; a great place to see birds and plants. There is a Spanish style log and wooden lodge here that is very unique and pleasant place to stay.

Day 11: Chicaque
We will spend the whole day wandering the trials of Chicaque. If you like you can also go Horseback riding here.

Day 12: Paramo Sumapaz
A Paramo is a high elevation Neotropical ecosystem. The largest Paramo in the world is the Sumapaz Paramo in Colombia. Paramos have unique flora & fauna and rich landscapes shaped by glaciation. On this day you will see the highlands of the Andes and perhaps the Andean Condor flying high.

Day 13: Tobia
We will end our Colombian adventure in Tobia, which has endless choices of activities. Hiking, Birding, Kayaking, Horseback Riding, Rappelling and Camping are a few of our choices for the day and into the night.

Day 14: Bogotá
Back in Bogotá we will be staying once again at the Hotel de la Opera. This day we don’t plan much, just spending the day relaxing and reflecting; always a treat!!

Day 15: Fly Home
Flights usually leave in the morning, so getting to the airport and getting home is our only activity for the day.

Please note: The lodging described in this itinerary is always our first choice based on availability. If we must book with our second choice, the lodging type and style is comparable.

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