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Birding Taiwan
The Heart of Asia

Taiwan is a very special place

If you are a birder, in Taiwan you will find 27 endemic species, with over 650 species in total. 

If you are a nature lover, besides the beautiful birds, you will find wonderful forests, canyons, mountains, stunning coastlines, lots of butterflies, fantastic local people, many interesting mammals and great food!!

If you are a hiker, you will find great trails through the forests, mountains and river canyons.

Highlights:  1) Watching the sunset as 20,000 whiskered terns come to roost for the evening.  2) Visiting temples 3) Participating in the annual Taiwan Bird-a-thon for both a great birding event, as well as a memorable cultural experience. 

Printable Bird List
(This is a checklist of birds that we have seen on this trip)

Taiwan Birding GalleryTravel Dates
We offer three separate 10 day tours from mid October to mid November every year; this is an annual travel event!  One of the tours will include the Taiwan Birdathon and that itinerary is listed below. The other tours will visit the same birding locations.  Please contact us for specific dates.

Group Size:
8 travelers plus guides

Trip Length:
10 days of total travel
8 days of birding

Rate per person = $3,450 (based on double occupancy)
Rate for single = $4,150

Rates are:
Inclusive:  Domestic transfers and transportation within Taiwan, lodging, breakfast, lunch, dinner, group tours, entrance fees and Allianz deluxe travel health insurance.

Exclusive:  International airfare, customs & immigration fees and visas, alcohol, personal expenses such as souvenirs and expenses relating to personal choices during free time, tips for guides. 

Detailed Itinerary

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Taiwan Map - Kaiyote Tours

Day 1:   Fly to Taiwan
Flights are overnight with arrival on day two. 

Day 2:   Arrive in Taipei (Taoyuan airport)
Flights usually arrive in Taipei (Taoyuan airport) in the early morning and you will be greeted at the airport.   Depending on your arrival time, we will have time to visit the rocky and beautiful northern coast of the island to view migratory and wintering birds.  We will visit the Taipei Botanical Gardens,  where we will be able to see a few endemic bird species, like the Taiwan Blue Magpie, and where a Collared Scops-Owl likes to snooze during the day and of course, to see some very wonderful plants and gardens.   In the evening, a visit to the Taipei 101 building,  which was the world’s tallest building in the world from 2004 – 2009.  We will be staying at the Home Hotel Da-An for one night. 

Day 3:  Dasyueshan
We will be taking the day to traveling to Dasyueshan National Forest, making numerous stops along the way the view birds and natural wonders.  We will be spending two nights at Dasyueshan Hotel and Guest House located within the national forest park at 6,800 feet.  Besides great birding, there are many miles of great hiking trails here as well. 

Day 4:  Dasyueshan
We will spend the day on the mountain ranging in elevations from 6,100 – 7,900 feet.  You will have options to go birding, hiking and/or relaxing at the guest house and visitor center.  Besides the great birding here, including nearly 20 of the endemic species, this area is home to numerous mammals including macaques, giant flying squirrels, barking deer, serow, and will we see these animals both during the daylight hours and during night time exploring. 

Day 5:  Huisun
Next stop is the Huisun Forest, making numerous stops on our way for short walks, birding and to visit cultural sites.  We will be staying at Huisun at lodging within the national forest.  We will have plenty of time to find birds like the endemic Chestnut-bellied Tit and Malayan Night Heron.  At Huisun, you can bird, hike or relax in a hammock amongst the gardens.   There are numerous butterfly species here and flocks of magpies and treepies gather daily for entertainment.  After dinner, we will go exploring for nocturnal birds, mammals and critters.  Huisun is a mountainous area with deep gorges, big rivers and a beautiful sub-tropical forest. 

Day 6:  Budai
The morning activities will be in the Huisun Forest. In the afternoon, we will travel to the southwest coastal town of Beimen.  Along the way we will stop at the Pheasant-tailed Jacana Education Center to view birds and enjoy a short walk, visit waterfalls and find many birds.  The opening ceremonies of the Taiwan Bird-a-thon begin on this day and we will be there for the dinner.  In the evening, we will travel to the town of Budai, where we will be staying at the Ocean Hotel  for three nights. 

Day 7:  Budai
The Taiwan Bird-a-thon begins!  If you are not a birder and do not wish to participate, arrangements for hiking, cycling or cultural tours can be made for you for the day or for whatever activity you wish.  In the morning we will visit a small temple in Beimen.  If you join the Bird-a-thon, you will see the coastal wetlands, the lowland forest and the high mountain habitats.

Day 8:  Budai
The closing ceremonies for the Bird-a-thon are on this day.  There are no schedule activities for the day after the end of the Bird-a-thon and relaxing by water and watching the terns fly in and roost for the evening for sunset is the perfect end of day activity. 

Day 9: Taipei
Our travels will have brought us to southern Taiwan near the oldest and one time capital city of Tainan established by the Qing Dynasty in 1683.  We will have time to spend the day on a cultural tour of Tainan, which has beautiful gardens, towers and temples dating back 300 years.  The Nankunshen Temple, which is one of the largest temples in Taiwan, is located just outside the village of Beimen.  We will be taking the high speed train back to Taipei, a one hour trip.  We will be staying at the Home Hotel Da-An  for our last night.

Day 10:  Fly Home
Flights back to the States usually leave in the late evening and we will be taking the high speed train back to the airport, a one hour trip.

Please note:  The lodging described in this itinerary is always our first choice based on availability.  If we must book with our second choice, the lodging type and style is comparable.

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